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We find the in vitro assay services, tools and kits you need. 
In vitro assays have always been important in HTS (high throughput screening) of candidate compounds to assess their potency, efficacy against particular targets or target cell types and potential toxicity and ranges of action.
Their vital role is set to continue, & indeed the amount of information that can be deduced is expanding through HCS (high content screening) as well as the incorporation of genetic & genomic tools.
More powerful probes, coupled with readers and microscopes, allow researchers to study molecular and cell signaling interactions with unprecedented accuracy, in real time, even in primary cells, and without interfering with native pharmacology.
Meanwhile, the advent of increasingly complex in vitro models of tissues, organs and systems heralds a new era where the complexity of the whole system or organism can be modeled successfully in the controlled and more easily studied & dissected world of the microtiterplate or bioreactor.
Models now include 3-D structures on biocompatible scaffolds & biopolymers, multiple cell type co-culture systems and functional human tissue assays using 'waste' material left over after surgery or donated as a generous gift to medical research after a loved one has passed away.
All of these are invaluable in translational research, converting the promise of a molecule on the bench or computer screen to a treatment in the clinic.

Academic laboratories and innovative biotech companies are bringing their expertise to bear on the problem of generating models that are sufficiently reproducible and relevant to the target species (human) yet not prohibitively expensive, and launching new products & services on a daily basis.

Keeping track of the developments you need to know about at any time in your project is difficult, so instead of spending hours trawling the internet or rifling through brochures picked up at conferences, contact us to let us know what you are looking for and we will rapidly put you in touch with a network of specialists with applicable technologies who can help you.
We introduce you to the in vitro tools, reagents kits and in vitro assay suppliers or CROs (contract research organisations) and partners with the right expertise and facilities who can meet & often customise their services and products to your needs. 

You can then interact directly with the provider to ensure that they meet your precise criteria, although we do our best to incorporate all these factors into our searches to save you time. Contracts or purchases are made with the supplier, rather than with Human Focused Testing.